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Engineered Materials for Semiconductor Applications

The global semiconductor industry is always changing. New materials are being developed to build chip packages that are faster and can handle more information. Likewise, the requirements for the engineered materials needed to advance this industry become more stringent with each passing year. As a key supplier to this industry, Miki USA has built a global sales & marketing network that includes offices in China , Thailand , Germany , United States as well as Japan . These offices work in unison to support the new material requirements for various semiconductor packages used by our customers.

We, at Miki USA , are providing many unique encapsulation materials for a wide array of semiconductor packaging applications. Among these materials are:

Epoxy Molding Compounds

-Low Stress, Low warpage, High T g materials suitable for next generation packages
-High reliability
-Alpha emission controlled silica type material available
-Flame retardant free

Liquid Epoxy Encapsulants

-Excellent filling, Low stress, Low Warpage, High T g
-High reliability
-Low temperature cure type available

Clear Compounds

-Used for optical devices and LED

Cleaning Compounds

-Used for cleaning semiconductor molds


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