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High Performance Next Generation Composite Materials

Miki USAís composite material products consist of monomers for formulating highly thermal resistant polymers as well as polyimides, resins and pre-pregs for the aerospace and circuit board industries. For the aerospace industry, the need for composites to replace metal alloys is for weight savings and performance enhancement of parts. The circuit board industry is moving toward more compact parts which generate more heat, shifting the requirements of the thermoset resins to exhibit higher glass transition values.

With our parent company and existing supplier base in Japan, Miki USA is in contact with leading manufacturers in the electronics industry. Often times, requirements for the revolutionary electronic circuit board market parallel those of the composite market for aerospace. As a result, constituents used in composites for circuit boards are also used in new breed composites for aerospace.

Miki USA has a wide variety of raw materials, both commodity and custom manufactured, which are suitable for mid and high level Tg applications. Materials include bismaleimides, diamines and dianhydrides. Our suppliers are open to recommendations for process changes which alter the final properties of the product to meet stringent customer specifications such as using different solvent systems. Please call to inquire if you donít see what you are looking for.


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