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High Purity Intermediates for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Miki USA has been supplying the U.S. market with high performance specialty and functional chemicals for more then 30 years. Historically, the key markets serviced by Miki USA have been pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary and agricultural chemicals.

More recently, Miki USA has become a key supplier of a broad range of c-GMP and non-GMP intermediates as well as APIs to the pharmaceutical industry. Our supply sources are Asian based chemical manufacturers with unique chemistries, proven reliability and impeccable quality control. Whether you need only a development sample or delivery of hundreds of tons, Miki USA can handle your requirements.

If the chemical intermediate you are seeking requires custom manufacture or technology transfer, Miki USA can fill your need with the optimal combination of state of the art technology and economy from manufacturers who are capable and reliable. All outsourcing is done under secrecy agreement to protect the confidentiality of all parties.

Miki USA 's sales network includes offices in China , Thailand and Europe as well as Japan to serve the needs of our customers. All potential suppliers are carefully inspected by the Miki USA auditing team before authorization to commence business is given. This is why Miki USA is acknowledged worldwide as a reliable source of chemical intermediate supply.


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